Val's K9 Training


Before you start your journey with us, we offer a free consultation. We prefer to do this in your home, so that we can get to meet you and your dog in a comfortable environment.  

In this consultation we gather your dogs health history, any behaviours that you feel you need help with and from there, we can decide what services suits you the most. 

Dog Training

Getting a new dog brings a lot of challenges, the most important one to address is teaching your dog some basic cues to allow you and your family to communicate with your pet dog. 

Dog Behaviour 

Dog can develop behaviour problems for many reasons. Whether its just their temperament or a learned behaviour, following a consultation we can help address these problems with you. 

Training Dog Walk

In this day and age we are often too busy to dedicate so much time to teaching our dogs, especially now that we are out of lockdown and getting back to work, this is why we offer a dog walk with training.

This is not just a regular dog walk. 

Following our consultation, we will do our best to work around your needs. 

The aim of this, is to provide your dog with a walk during they day, when you are at work, and we will spend an hour training and playing with them. As the training progresses, these walks can be off leash to allow for a good run around. After our walk, we will provide you with a report card on what they learned during their walk, as well as videos of your dogs session.