Behaviour package - Online 

In the online full package you will receive all the benefits of the original behaviour package. The first behaviour session you will do a video consult to discuss, assess and guide you through the problems you are having plus a behaviour plan to go with it.

You will then have 3 remaining video consults to follow up on your training and ensure that you're on the right track as well as being able to discuss any questions or concerns you may be experiencing.



Single behaviour consult - Online only

In the single behaviour session you will do a video consult to discuss, assess and guide you through the problems you are having plus a behaviour plan to go with it.



Before you start your journey with us, we offer a free consultation. We prefer to do this in your home, so that we can get to meet you and your dog in a comfortable environment.  

In this consultation we gather your dogs health history, any behaviours that you feel you need help with and from there, we can decide what services suits you the most. 


£5 ( Free if you proceed to booking a session, this will be discounted from your first session)

Dog Training

Getting a new dog brings a lot of challenges, the most important one to address is teaching your dog some basic cues to allow you and your family to communicate with your pet dog.

With these sessions we will also discuss with you any concerns about how to prevent behaviour problems from developing (please note: The advice will be on how to prevent behaviour problems from developing and not how to solve an already established issue).

For behaviour problems, please see below.

These lessons are ideal for young puppies or rescues. 


£60 Per lesson (1hr)

Dog Behaviour full package - Currently Available online 

Dogs can develop behaviour problems for many reasons. Whether its just their temperament or a learned behaviour.

Following a consultation we can help address these problems with you and design a behaviour modification plan to suit your needs. You will receive your behaviour modification plan after your first session. The amount of sessions you need will  depend on the issue, you may need  2 or more sessions maximum of 4 sessions, (but don't worry, that's all included in this package).

After 2 weeks, you will get a follow-up session where we can iron out any concerns you have and tweak the behaviour plan if needed. 

This is very hands on, the initial session after the consultation may take a couple of hours where we will teach you the techniques for you to help your dog and if there has been no previous training, we will cover some basic commands to help with this. 

Following the initial session, you will be required to follow the behaviour modification plan to get the best results. 

With behaviour modification, you will also have free lifelong online support where you can message us any queries you have during and after your sessions for the behaviour problem that we have worked on.

(If there is a new behaviour problem, this will need to be tackled as a separate behaviour modification session and not included in the initial plan)


This is ideal for all dogs


£ 220 all inclusive (up to 4 lessons up to 2hrs long each)

Training Adventures (Dog Walk With Training) Currently unavailable 

In this day and age we are often too busy to dedicate so much time to teaching our dogs, especially now that we are out of lockdown and getting back to work, this is why we offer a dog walk with training.

This is not just a regular dog walk. 

Following our consultation, we will teach your dog some basic commands and social skills while on a walk. 

The aim of this, is to provide your dog with a walk during their day, when you are at work, and we will spend an hour training and playing with them. As the training progresses, these walks can be off leash to allow for a good run around. After our walk, we will provide you with videos of your dogs session. 

The training dog walk will not focus on behaviour problems as it is vital that you are present when learning how to handle and change any bad behaviours. 


This is ideal for dogs that have already had some basic training and just need reinforcement or young dogs that need help with learning the basics.

For dogs with behaviour problems we recommend our behaviour modification package for best results. 

We are DBS checked and fully insured


£20 Per dog walk lesson

Mini Adventures (Dog walk) - 30 min Currently unavailable 

A 30 min dog walk while you're away at work can give your pet the well deserved break to their day to let them go to the toilet, and have a good sniff around and help them relax for the rest of the day. This walk will involve plenty of interaction, cuddles and sniff arounds. Your dog will always be treated as if they are our own dog!

We are DBS checked and fully insured


£9 per 30 min

Pre-Puppy 101 

Preparing you before your pup arrives!

Are you thinking of introducing a dog into your family?

Do you have 101 questions that you want to know the answers to before your new puppy/rescue arrives? 

As a new dog owner there are a lot of things to consider to make sure you get off on the right paw the moment your pup arrives into your home. 

We can help answer all your questions on what to expect when you're expecting (a puppy)

  • Toilet training
  • Preventing destructiveness
  • Feeding and training routines
  • Developmental milestones 
  • Puppy proofing your house and your handling techniques 
  • Recommended equipment and toys
  • How to involve kids with your pup without overwhelming your pup
  • Crate training
  • Boundaries
  • And much more.... 


These sessions will take place in your home, where we can discuss all your concerns, positioning of bed/crate etc. These sessions can take between 1-2 hours. We aim to cover every angle possible.

This is also suitable for owners who are adopting a rescue dog