Board and Learn (aka residential training)

Board and Learn packages last a minimum of 2 weeks. During this period, your dog will follow a behaviour and training plan unique to them. This depends on the issues that you are having with your dog, whether its fear of getting in the car, hyperactivity, toilet training, basic training and socialisation or even paddle boarding. It will vary for every dog. 

  • Before starting a board and Learn program you will have a consultation to chat about what you would like to achieve with your dog, and the problems you are struggling with. You will then be invited on a walk on neutral ground with the resident dogs to ensure that they all get along and then you get to come to visit the house. 
  • Each week you will need to come and attend a training session with your dog at our house where you can see the progress and learn how to continue this once your dog returns home. 
  • At the end of the board and Learn, you will get an extensive hand over session at your house where you will be shown how to implement the training from your own home. 
  • As well as all of the above, you will receive a behaviour plan at the end to recap everything your dog has learned.
  • During your dogs stay, you will get daily pupdates in photos and videos. and at the end of each week you will get a recap video. 
  • You also get access to the private Facebook group where regular packwalks are organised. 
  • To help you along with all your training and go alongside your behaviour plan you will automatically be enrolled onto our online tutorials on Teachable . 

Cost: £1700 for 2 weeks 

£750 for every week after the initial 2 weeks

Boarding Only

We do accept dogs for boarding only but priority is given to existing customers.

During your dogs stay, they will live as part of the family and enjoy daily walks, pack walks and some basic training  as part of their daily enrichment activities as well as lots of play and affection. This will be your dogs favourite holiday destination. 


£50 for overnight stays

£25 day boarding only.