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We have partnered together with Howlies to provide monthly staff training meaning that they are up to date with everything they need to know about dogs. 


Howlies are a Doggy Day care centre. They are fully equipped and insured to keep your dog entertained all day long. With experienced and trained staff on hand at all times to make sure your dog is safe.

With Howlies, you have the option to do full and half days. 

On Sundays, your pup can also attend puppy club which is great for those essential socialising skills your pup needs to become a well behaved pet.  There is ALWAYS a member of staff available during puppy club to ensure that puppy's are kept safe and learning the correct social skills. 


We often use Howlies field for our behaviour modification sessions. They have a large fully enclosed field which is ideal for working below threshold with reactive dogs. 

Rockstar Dogs Groom Room are super friendly, and very gentle with your dogs. Especially those who are known to be nervous/fearful of the usual dog grooming environment. 


"I’m a force-free dog groomer that uses gentle trust based techniques, desensitisation and counter-conditioning. I use positive reinforcement & elements of TTouch- Free work and Body work. I specialise in anxious and reactive dogs."

Fox Red Handmade Studio have some beautifully crafted handmade dog collars! Check out their page to see what they have on offer. 


"Welcome to my studio where things arise with passion and love. On this page you can see how the need to create changes into a tangible reality. I'm happy you visiting this page and hope you enjoy. You are more than welcome to follow my work"

We have recently partnered up with 4 Paws Rescue and Relocation. They're an organisation who help re-home dogs from Mauritius into the UK.
As you know Mauritius is a place that I'll never forget and always miss the work I was doing when I was there. So it really is close to heart for me . I'll be assisting adopters and foster carers help their new arrivals settle here in the UK on a referral basis.